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Josh Christina 

This kid impressed me right from the start.
Seeing Josh who eats, breathes and sleeps playing piano...reminds me that with this amount passion, you can go anywhere! 
He has the drive and power at his fingertips.
Check this kid out at http://www.joshchristinamusic.com/media/2016/3/16/josh-christina-epk

"Josh Christina is the future of Rock’n’Roll folks!!!! He plays it the way it was meant to be played. How this not even 21-year-old musician plays with the soul of Ray Charles, the piano with the feel of Jerry Lee Lewis, the energy of Elvis Presley and the rhythm of the legendary Boogie Woogie piano player, Chuck Berry, who all had their biggest hits before he was born, in fact, before his parents were born, is beyond me!!!!!!!!" 

- Daryl Davis

Power Strike 300 (Bowling Camp) 

Power Strike 300 Official Promo!

Marty Miller,
Founder and coach of the camp "Power Strike 300" built an outstanding camp for beginner and advanced bowlers! Powerstrike300 strives to provide high quality bowling instruction, camps and coaching clinics that blend “old school” techniques with today’s high powered game. Fundamentals are stressed throughout our approach to the game.  Much of what you will learn are proven techniques that will strengthen your game on today’s lane conditions whether you are competing on a house shot or a more challenging sport shot. (PBA)

Please check out Power Strike 300 Official Promo!

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